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  • Erak Simsson, Women's Weight Loss Coach

Love Eating Out but Worried About Your Weight Loss Fitness Goals? Here's Your Guide!

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Do you find yourself torn between the joy of dining out and the commitment to your weight loss and fitness goals? [meal out with some of Salisbury's leading health & wellness professionals] Not Just Backs, Kay Hay Acupuncture, Jo Knight Hair Stylist, Memory Opticians, Gentle Dental, and me! Online weight loss specialist

You're not alone!

As a specialist weight loss coach with years of experience helping busy professional women over 45, I understand the challenges you face.

But here's some good news: You can enjoy both!

Let’s dive into how you can balance the pleasure of dining out with your weight loss and fitness goals.

1️⃣ Plan Your Day's Calories:

Before a big meal out, it's wise to manage your calorie intake during the day. This doesn't mean starving yourself – rather, it's about making smart choices. By eating lighter meals throughout the day, you create a calorie "buffer," allowing you to enjoy your evening meal without overstepping your daily calorie goals. This strategy helps you relish your dining experience guilt-free!

2️⃣ Boost Your Activity:

Anticipating a calorie-rich meal tonight?

Let's counterbalance it! Boost your activity level on the day of (and perhaps the day after) dining out. It could be as simple as taking extra steps during your day or adding a few more minutes to your workout. This approach not only helps in offsetting the extra calorie intake but also keeps you energised and committed to your fitness routine.

3️⃣ Don't Sweat the Occasional Indulgence:

So, you indulged a bit more than planned at last night’s dinner? That's perfectly okay! Remember, one night of indulgence won’t derail your entire progress. The key is not to let one meal turn into an overindulgent weekend. Enjoy your meal, then get right back on track the next day. Consistency is your best friend on this journey.


If dining out is a regular part of your lifestyle, learning to balance your meals with your overall weight loss fitness goals is essential for long-term success. Don't deny yourself the joys of social gatherings and good food. Instead, use these tips to maintain that balance. So next time you’re planning a night out at your favourite restaurant, remember these pointers and enjoy your meal with confidence!

Would you like some help achieving your weight loss goals? Click here book a free no obligation chat with me.

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