Want to look and feel healthier?

Without having to be 100% perfect and drop 2 - 3 dress sizes in the next 3 - 6 months

About You

If you’re anything  like our other clients you’ve probably tried a number of different things to lose weight with varying degrees of success often dependent upon the DIET and  a huge amount of  WILLPOWER to stick to it!. 

How would you like to lose weight, get fit and rely less on willpower and a strict diet? 

Are you open to a holistic lifestyle approach that combines?

  • Your mind-set

  • Your diet

  • Your exercise

Whether you’re a beginner, haven’t exercised for a while or just feel stuck with your current weight loss efforts, the Coach Me Slim & Trim® personal training and coaching programme in Salisbury maybe just what you've been looking for? 

How We Can Help You

What if there was a way to achieve the body size, shape and health goals you want without having to be 100% perfect, starve yourself or become a slave to exercise?

Imagine waking up in the morning and being able to reach into your wardrobe and grabbing whatever you want to wear knowing that it will fit comfortably and you’ll feel great wearing it.

Think about the freedom and added confidence this would give you along with the feeling of control and renewed energy.

We understand that losing weight and toning up is not easy. We know that many adults have battled with their weight for years even though they know what to do. We also know it can be difficult to find the time to plan healthy meals and fit in the exercise. 

ThE CoacH Me Slim & Trim® Programme

Mindset - Diet - Exercise

Coach Me Slim & Trim® is a simple, structured and supportive coaching and exercise programme for busy people who are ready to achieve their goals and are able to attend regular one to one coaching and exercise sessions.


Don’t worry about time, we offer 30-minute sessions in Salisbury.

Working with a Coach Me Slim & Trim® weight loss expert you will:

  • Quickly identify the barriers to your success and how to overcome them

  • Develop consistent healthy eating habits without feeling deprived

  • Learn simple exercises to shape, tone and strengthen your body 

To support your weight loss when not working directly with your coach and trainer you will receive ongoing support in the form of: 


  • Motivational emails

  • Healthy eating plans

  • How to videos 

FREE Weight Loss Solution 7 Steps

Our Coaches

Our coaches pride themselves on their knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm to help you succeed in achieving your weight loss and fitness goals.

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