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Do you really want to lose weight & tone up?

22. Sue before image 2.jpg

After seeing a picture of myself at an awards dinner I knew I had to do something

Sue 71lbs lighter

what if...

…there was a way to achieve the body size, shape, and health goals you want without having to be 100% perfect, starve yourself or become a slave to exercise?

20 Katie ride london_upscale.jpg

I’m in better shape now than I was in my 20’s

Katie 42lbs lighter
Cycling Fit
(Ride London - 100 Miles)

Katie Medal winner After.jpg


...waking up in the morning and being able to reach into your wardrobe and grabbing whatever you want to wear knowing that it will fit comfortably, and you’ll feel great wearing it. Think about the freedom and added confidence this would give you along with the feeling of control and renewed energy.

23. Gaenor dog walking.jpg

More active, more clothes choice and no more yo-yo dieting

Gaenor 85lbs lighter

29. Wardrobe delight.jpg

i understand...

...that losing weight and toning up is not easy. I know that a lot of women have struggled and been frustrated with their weight for years even though they know what to do. I also know it can be difficult to find the time to plan healthy meals and fit in the exercise. But there is a solution…


The Coach Me Slim & Trim® Online Programme

Mindset, Diet & Exercise


  • The Coach Me Slim & Trim® programme is a weekly step-by-step holistic weight loss coaching programme for busy women who are ready to lose weight and tone up.   

  • Working through the programme we will:

  • Quickly identify the barriers to your success and how to overcome them

  • Develop consistent healthy eating habits without you feeling deprived

  • Learn simple and quick exercises to tone, shape and strengthen your body


With my one-to-one online coaching you’ll get the guidance, support, and accountability plus all of the resources you need to achieve your weight loss goals.

What’s Included?


Weekly Step-by-Step Coaching Sessions

Each week you will receive access to a weight loss coaching session which will help you improve your mindset, diet, or exercise. Each sessions will be like I’m sat with you. Session end with me sharing specific lifestyle actions steps designed to move you closer to your weight loss goals week-by-week. You will have 24/7 access to these sessions so you can watch at a time that best suits you and re-watch if necessary.


Healthy Meals Library  

To save time you will have access to variety of tasty meals with all of the nutritional values calculated along with how to prep, cook, and plan. No guess work necessary. And you can enjoy these meals with your family and friends.


Live One to One Support

The opportunity to speak one to one is invaluable. During our catch up we can talk about any challenges you may be having and discuss solutions to overcome them. We can also celebrate your wins and any specific actions steps before our next one to one.  


Live Weekly Mastermind & Exercise Clinics

During the clinics you can ask questions about your exercise or diet plan so that you can make any necessary adjustments. The clinics are also a great way to help keep you on track between your one-to-one calls.    


Progressive Video Exercise Library

We start with the basics. You will be guided through the Coach Me Slim & Trim “Six Appeal Workout” for beginners. The exercises are simple, require minimal equipment and space.  


Support Materials

You will receive support journals and manuals in the post plus weekly emails to support your weekly online coaching sessions and one to one calls.​​



You will have my personal one-to-one guidance, support, and accountability as you journey through the Coach Me Slim & Trim programme® which has helped dozens of women lose 20 – 80lbs to transform their bodies and health. All of this from the privacy and convenience of your own home.

5 Helen Camino De Santiago_After.jpg

It’s like having you in my back pocket whenever I need you.

Helen 21lbs lighter
Walking Fit
(Camino de Santiago)

Helen After.jpg

How to Get Started

To apply for online coaching, simply click the link below which will take you to my online booking diary where you can book a call on a day and time that suits you.

I look forward to speaking with you!

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