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52, Business Owner, Salisbury
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What Made You Reach Out To Coach Me Slim & Trim®?


After seeing how quickly my husband had lost the weight on the programme, I decided it was time. I'd see a photo's of myself at a business awards dinner and didn't like what I saw, and I was beginning to ache in places that I didn't feel I should be aching.

I wanted a programme that was going to be gentle and progressive as I hadn't exercised since I was a very young girl, so I was a little nervous about starting, but that was all put to rest as the programme eased me into exercise from a level I was comfortable with.

What Would You Tell Other About Coach Me Slim & Trim®?

I would say go for it as my husband would say, If I can do you anyone can do it, it's worth it! Just have the confidence to make the call and get started you've got nothing other than weight!

What Has Improved For You Since Joining Coach Me Slim & Trim®?


I have managed to lose 5st 1lb and dropped from a size 20 – 10. Its given me a new lease of life in more ways than one. My health has improved dramatically no aches or pains, I have taken part in the Cancer Research Race for Life event and ran it, never thought I would do that, and I took part in an expedition up Kilimanjaro this was not even on my radar when I began.

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