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Public Relations Executive, Salisbury
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What Made You Reach Out To Coach Me Slim & Trim®?


It was my physiotherapist that recommended the Coach Me Slim & Trim® programme, he felt that losing some weight would help with my back pain which I did know, but sometimes you need to be told again. I contacted Erak, and after speaking on the phone, I felt that he had asked me all of the questions which made me think and believe that I would be working with a professional that could help me achieve what I wanted. 


What Would You Tell Other About Coach Me Slim & Trim®?

Everyone is a little different; my situation may be nothing like anyone else's, the best thing to do is make the call have the conversation and go from there, after all, it's a free call, so you have nothing lose.​

What Has Improved For You Since Joining Coach Me Slim & Trim®?


Since losing 56lbs my back pain has reduced which is great, my self-confidence has improved along with my energy levels; this has been a positive experience.

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