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50, School Pastoral Officer, Dorset
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What Made You Reach Out To Coach Me Slim & Trim®?


I had tried just about it seemed all of the diets out there and was getting progressively heavier to point where I weighed more than I did when I was  9 months pregnant!

Every day I would wake up and say today’s the day but would start the day wrong often skipping breakfast and by 10 am I would grab some rubbish; crisps, cake or something like that and then say to myself I’ve failed again and then comfort eat. It felt like I was on a hamster wheel every day repeating the same thing. 

I also didn’t feel particularly nice when I dressed up as I knew that I was carrying excess weight and my confidence and self-esteem were at rock bottom. 

So with all of this going on in my head, I decide the only way forward was to take the control out of my hands and opt for weight loss surgery. As I found myself sat in a private hospital car park with my husband, I thought how had it come to this? It was at this point I reached for help on the Coach Me Slim & Trim programme which mentioned something about mindset as well as diet and exercise. Interestingly enough I had researched this programme before but had discounted it as I felt I knew enough about diet and exercise so what could they tell me. Well, I made the call to enquire about the programme from the hospital car park!  


What Would You Tell Other About Coach Me Slim & Trim®?


Go for it, this for me has been life-changing, this is not a flash in the pan. I've been doing this for getting on for over a year now, it hasn't been hard. I've made some considerable changes but in tiny steps so anyone thing hasn't felt insurmountable, so consequently I haven't failed at it. You'll be in a totally none judgemental environment.  You owe it to yourself to at least have a conversation with a Coach Me Slim & Trim weight loss expert, highly recommended! 


What Has Improved For You Since Joining Coach Me Slim & Trim®?


I still can't believe it's my body when I look in the mirror. I feel so much better about myself, and since losing over 4 stone my cycling ability has improved dramatically along with my mental health. It truly has been a life-changing experience, and it's all happened in less than 9 months and as I now reflect 8 months on I'm still getting fitter and improving upon what I've achieved the control it has given me is great!

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