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47, Managing Director, Wiltshire
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What Made You Reach Out To Coach Me Slim & Trim®?

I stumbled across a story in a local magazine which was featuring some pretty impressive results women my age had achieved, but the thing that caught my attention was this idea of coaching alongside diet and exercise. I knew of several different gyms, personal trainers and various slimming clubs but nothing seemed to be offering this sort of approach.

So I made the call and knew just from the sort of questions I was being asked that this was going to be worth at least a face to face meeting to explore further. The face to face meeting not only helped me uncover some of my self-sabotaging habits it laid out very clearly how I was going to get the results I wanted. It didn't appear difficult or complicated, and that did appeal to me.

What Would You Tell Other About Coach Me Slim & Trim®?

If you are the sort of person, who is open to being challenged positively to become a better version of yourself and are willing to do the work you will succeed and possibly achieve more than you thought possible.

What Has Improved For You Since Joining Coach Me Slim & Trim®?


It was never part of my original plan, but I have successfully competed and won a medal in a Miss Galaxy Fitness & Modelling competition finishing ahead of women 10 years younger than me I still find it hard to believe I did it! All the obvious things like feeling better in clothes and feeling less self-conscious about how I look especially at social and business events have gone which is great, I'm also a lot more confident in my skin, physically and emotionally and would say I'm now in better shape than I was in my 20's.

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