Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Have To Count Calories Or Live On Salads?​

The answer to this question is, no, you won't. And the answer's no because when you start to count calories, and you feel as though you are forced to live on things like salads all of the time, it can make you a little bit more obsessive, or can make your obsessive about food. And that's precisely what we don't want. So instead of doing that, we're going to coach you on how to make the best possible choices, regardless of your situation. Whether that be at home, out socially, or just simply works environment. So the answer is no, you will not have to count calories or live on salads.

I Am Very Unfit, What Level Will I Start At?

That's a very legitimate question and a very valid concern that you should have, especially if you haven't been exercising for some years. Before we start working with anybody, the first thing we do is ask them to complete a health questionnaire. That's then followed up by a body MOT. Our body MOTs will check your blood pressure, resting heart rate, flexibility, core strength, and a variety of other things, all designed to help us start you at the correct level, so that we know we're not going to be overexerting you or putting you at unnecessary risk.

I Have An Old Back Injury, Can I Still Work With You?

Before you start working with us in a physical sense, you'd have completed a comprehensive health questionnaire, and also gone through a body MOT. Both of those things are designed to help us identify where you may have potential problem areas such as an old back injury.


If we identify something outside of our remit, we will then refer you to a local expert to get further advice.

How Long Is A Session and What Will I Be Doing During It?

Personal training sessions 30 minutes and coaching session, 40 – 50 minutes. During a physical session, we will start with some simple warm-up exercises, followed by some body toning exercises, and ending with some gentle stretches.

How Many Personal Training and Coaching Sessions Per Week?

This will depend upon a number of things, such as your current level of activity, your goals, your availability, and of course your budget. All of this can will be discussed during a quick call with us, where we can establish exactly where you are, and we can best advise you, but typically we'll see clients anywhere between one and three times per week.

Will I Have To Run?

The answer here is definitely not. The reason that we don't recommend running straight away for people who are trying to lose weight is that it can cause undue damage to things like ankles, your knees, your hips, and also lower back area. There are lots of other things that you can do instead of running to improve your cardiovascular fitness, things which are non-impact, which, once again, we will coach you through and show you exactly how to do them.

What's The Cost?

We like to get you to think about it more in terms of investment in your health rather than a cost. Once we've had a chat with you over the phone, we'll be in a better position to be able to give you some ideas of the investment levels that we offer.

What Makes You Different From Other Personal Trainers?

Two simple things, I guess, first one is we're the only trainers in the area that offer the proven Coach Me Slim and Trim® programme, that's helped clients to lose between 10 pounds and up to 110 pounds in weight, and keep it off. And the second thing is, to the best of my knowledge, we're the only personal trainers in the area who will actually coach you through mindset, motivation, nutrition, and exercise, and help you to combine all of that together into a personalised plan of action that will help you not only to lose the weight but keep it off long term.

Will I Have To Give Up Alcohol, Chocolate, Crisps, etc?

This is a really common question that people ask us. And probably a better question would be how much should you be drinking? And how much chocolate, and how many bags of crisps should you be eating if those are the things you know you like to indulge in? And once again, what we'll do here is just simply coach you, explain to you the effects of these types of food so you're in a better position to make the most appropriate choice to enable you to lose weight and maintain it long-term without feeling as though you can never have any of these types of foods again.

Can I Train With A Partner or Friend?

The answer is yes, you can. And often, it's a good idea to train with somebody else as well, because what it can do is help to keep you motivated when you're away from the facility, not working with your coach and trainer. And it can also help to reduce the investment level as well.

What Will I Need To Wear?

Anything that you feel comfortable in and is practical to do exercise in. We do not expect you to turn up in the latest designer gym outfits.

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