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  • Will this work for me?
    I don’t know until we’ve spoken but generally speaking, if you’re coachable and take consistent action, yes.
  • Will I have to cut out all the things I like to eat and drink?
    You will have to make some adjustments; how big those are will depend on what you’re currently doing.
  • Will you provide eating plans?
    Yes – enough to open up your own local restaurant. Your eating plan will be specially curated for you as an individual and will take into account any of your dietary needs and your weight loss goals.
  • Will I have to do a lot of exercise?
    If you’re doing nothing, 10 minutes may seem like a lot. Plan for 15 – 30 minutes spread across the week. All exercise can be home-based, so a gym membership is not essential.
  • How much do you charge?
    Your small investment will equip you with a lifetime of knowledge and healthy habits that will continue to serve you.
  • I have more questions
    Whether you have more questions or you’re eager to get started with your weight loss, click here to schedule a free consultation with me.
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