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Want to Lose 4 – 6 Stone

Where you’re at

The time is now, you have to do something immediately or face serious consequences to your health. You feel that the typical options for weight loss such as gyms or slimming groups do not offer you the sort of personalised and private support you need.

You have read and heard about alternative weight loss procedures including surgery and feel torn by what to choose. Your self-esteem and confidence is low, you’re struggling to know where to start and feel that you are alone in your battle against weight loss. Your size is now making you feel very self-conscious to the point where you believe people are talking about you and looking at you because of your weight. You avoid getting into situations where you feel you’ll become breathless, like taking a flight of stairs or parking your car too far away from the shops.  You have let your weight gain soar out of control and feel there is no going back.

It is never too late to change.

The problems you have right now

You are carrying 4 – 6 stone plus in excess weight and you are desperately seeking a solution to change your situation. You are starting to feel the effects of carrying this excess weight on your feet, knees, hips and back. You can’t get involved with simple activities like taking a walk through the park with family members or taking a flight of stairs without the fear of heart palpitations and sweating excessively accompanied with a glowing red face. You feel embarrassed about the way you look. This can all change in a relatively short space of time.

What you need help with right now

You need progressive in-depth guidance and coaching in all areas of personal self-motivation, structured healthy eating and simple exercises along with regular accountability and a friend to help you get away from the disastrous path you are currently on FAST! You have a lot of weight to lose and want to do this in the quickest time possible, not only to look good and feel great, but to steer away from potentially life-threatening dangers to your health.

The program that will suit you best is the Want to Lose 4 – 6 Stone Program.

Our Want to Lose 4 – 6 stone program is our most intensive package. This program is for people that want to get on the track to reclaim areas of their lives they are missing out on and get the life threatening excess weight off as quickly and safely as possible. You can expect to typically lose 4 – 6 stone on this 12 month program.

You should expect to be seeing your trainer 2 – 3 times per week.

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