Success Stories

Andrea Burton, 47, PR Consultant Lost 2 stone

Rachel Barnes, 31, Communications & Media, Lost 4 Stone

Sue Mitchell, 53, Business Owner, Lost 5 Stone 1lb

Sue Mitchell, 53, Business Owner, Lost 5 Stone 1lb

Sue Mitchell, 53, Business Owner, Lost 5 Stone 1lb

Sharon Arnott, 45, Business Owner, Lost 2 Stone 7lbs

Anja Green, 41, Business Owner, Lost 10lbs

Pat Speed, 50, Teacher, Lost 14lbs

Lizzie, Business Owner, Lost 15lbs

Jenny, 56, Administrator, Lost 3 Stone 5lbs

Gillian, Administrative Executive, Lost 1 Stone 7lbs

Joy Preston, 63, Lost 2 Stone

Jane, Administration, Lost 14lbs

Emma, 43, Administration, Lost 13lbs

Audrey, 46, Administration, Lost 1 Stone 7lbs

Daphne, 76, Lost 2 Stone

Irene, Lost 14lbs

Fiona, 44, Lost 2 Stone (PT1)

Fiona, 44, Lost 2 Stone (PT2)

Lesley, 41, Business Executive, Lost 2 Stone 6.5lbs

Amanda, 41, Administrative Executive, Lost 1 Stone 10lbs

Heather, 43, Administrative Executive, Lost 2 Stone 3lbs

Christine, 59, Business Owner, Lost 1 Stone 1lb (PT1)

Christine, 59, Business Owner, Lost 1 Stone 1lb (PT2)

June Jackson, 75, Lost 13lbs

Adam Lewis, IT Specialist, Lost 8 stone 3lbs

3 Years On, Val is Still Maintaining Her Weight Loss Success!

Val Knight“Do it (The Coach Me Slim & Trim Programme) straight away, stop thinking about it, the results are amazing and the exercise is fun and varied.

If you’re like so many other women obsessed with diets this will help to change your approach entirely.” – Val Knight, Age 44 Mother of 3 – Lost 2st 3 lbs.


“It’s given me a new lease of life.” (BBC Interview – April, 2010)

Sue Mitchell“When I contacted my coach and trainer, I didn’t tell anyone at first – I was doing it for me. I felt sluggish and lethargic, couldn’t find clothes to fit and had started getting pains in my knees.

I had tried slimming clubs and weight loss centers before, but they didn’t work and I always felt very uncomfortable in the classes – because there was a big group I felt no one got the support they really needed. Being coached and trained one on one was exactly what I needed.” – Sue Mitchell Lost 5st 1 lb & Drops From Size 20 To Size 10


Rachel Barnes
Recommended by her Physiotherapist after suffering a back injury, Rachel is well on her way to recovery, as well as experiencing an upsurge in her own personal confidence. Here is a “Before & After” comparison. – Rachel Barnes, Age 31 – Lost 3st, 2 lbs. in Just 21 Weeks!


“Now I can run around the garden and play with my children!”

Sharon Arnott
– Sharon Arnott, Age 45
Lost 2st 7 lbs. after the ‘Coach Me Slim & Trim’ Programme


“I’ve re-invented myself!”

Caroline Askew-Miller
– Caroline Askew-Miller, 53

Dropped from a size 20 to a 12 after losing 5st 8lbs


“I Lost 20 lbs And Was Featured In A National Magazine!”

Fiona-Taylor“I was overweight for 15 years… and one morning I woke up and just knew I had to change my situation (of being overweight and unfit)and had to have something that would address everything.” – Fiona Taylor, Age 44, Coach Me Slim & Trim’ Success Story Featured in ‘Pathways to Perfect Beauty


“I had a magical wedding and felt beautiful for the first time in years…”

sarasalisbury“I had been trying to lose weight for my big day for a couple of months but progress was slow and erratic before I signed up for the Coach Me Slim & Trim programme. My coach was able to present a programme of exercise and coaching that knitted the basics together in a way that really worked for me.

My coach struck a tailor-made balance between tough love and empathy whilst focussing on a long-term life style and future goals rather than the quick fix. I had a magical wedding and felt beautiful for the first time in years – I knew I looked good and also know that I can continue to do so!” – Sara Salisbury, 2st Lighter and Fitter


“I didn’t want to be fat and 50.

I really needed to do something for my health and general fitness…(Coach Me Slim & Trim) will work for you!” – Pat Speed – Teacher Lost 1st, 2 lbs. in 12 weeks


“I was really sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!”

“I was on holiday, looked in the mirror while I was wearing a bikini, and said ‘Oh my god, this can not go on – it was awful!”

With the Coach Me Slim & Trim Programme, Joy now has far more energy, far less aches and pains – and looks far better in her bikini!” – Joy Preston, Age 63 Retired – Sales Manager, Lost 2st