Coach Me Slim and Trim ®

What is the ‘Coach Me Slim & Trim®’ Program

The Coach Me Slim & Trim Program is an holistic 3 step coaching, exercise and healthy eating  program that works. It is specifically designed to help you lose between 16 – 31lbs in a 12 week period and several stones when followed for a 12 month period. You will work with a personal trainer who has undergone specific training to enable them to deliver the program. Erak provides additional support and motivation through regular workshops and support emails.

It’s not all about exercise and eating right, which is why we place a strong emphasis on developing personal motivation and self-confidence as these two areas are key to both starting off successfully, losing the weight and being able to maintain a healthy weight range long-term.

The Coach Me Slim & Trim method has been tried and tested in the real world. It works. It is the structured training method that is used by many TV weight loss documentaries past and present. You could be seeing your trainer up to 5 times a week where necessary. It takes hard work and dedication, but your personal trainer will support you every step of the way.

The solution is the Coach Me Slim & Trim® program

The 3 Steps to losing between 16 – 31lbs in the next 12 weeks and several stones over a 6 – 12 month period:

Set your mindset for success. One of the most important things we have to do to get you to the weight, shape and fitness levels you want is to make sure you are ready for it and can maintain it once you’ve achieved it! We have so many people come to us and say they want to lose weight but when asked how much do they want to lose and what do they want to ultimately look like and achieve they answer quite often blankly ‘I don’t know’.  The Coach Me Slim & Trim program has been designed to help you make lasting and effective healthy lifestyle changes in today’s modern media hyped society.

You will have an initial telephone call with one of my team of personal trainers and provided you both feel there is a good fit the next step will be to meet for a more in-depth face to face consultation. The consultation is designed to ensure you are ‘in the right place’ to start your journey with us. If we think that you are not in the right mindset for our program we will not accept you and will instead make the best recommendation to help you move forwards.

Starting your coaching/training is the next step on your journey. The program you enroll on will determine the number of sessions you will have each week with your personal trainer. Your trainer will be there to support you from start to achieving your goals and helping you to maintain them long-term. You will form a strong relationship with your trainer over the period of your program, but this will help you achieve your goals. Your whole journey will be overseen by Erak himself as he keeps in weekly contact with his team to ensure each client is receiving all the necessary support, guidance and tools to make sure you achieve your goals. Erak also runs regular workshops which can you can attend to help keep your motivation levels high.

Staying a healthy weight for life. I am sure you have heard the saying ‘Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail’.  Well it has never been more true than when it comes to losing the weight and keeping it off. We will share with you the mental road map you will need to follow in order to lose the weight and make maintaining a healthy weight a reality for you. You won’t need to worry about how you’re going to keep it off either. As you progress through the program you will be coached and trained each step of the way on the best way to keep your motivation levels high and the best types of food to eat and exercise to take to ensure you maintain a high metabolism. With each day that passes you will feel more confident in yourself as you’ll see your appearance and energy levels improve knowing that you are investing your time in something that you can maintain.

To find out more about the Coach Me Slim & Trim® program head to the Getting Started Page to see which program YOU fit best and we’ll tell you what would benefit you most.