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  • Erak Simsson, Women's Weight Loss Coach

Empowering Women's Weight Loss Journey: A Life-Giving Approach

Jo, Active Holiday - New Zealand
Jo, Active Holiday - New Zealand

Empowering Women's Weight Loss Journey: A Life-Giving Approach


Are you tired of the endless cycle of weight loss attempts?

Facing the daunting task of staying motivated, mindful eating, and regular exercise can be overwhelming.

But what if there's a different path? A "Life-Giving" way to approach weight loss for women, especially if you've struggled in the past.


The Mental Hurdle in Weight Loss

It's a familiar story for many: past attempts at losing weight might not have achieved the results or sustainability you hoped for. This can lead to a mental barrier, making the thought of starting again emotionally daunting. Consequently, many settle for a lifestyle that doesn't fully satisfy their health and wellbeing aspirations.


A Fresh Perspective: Dream and Achieve

It's time to rediscover the power of dreaming - an activity we often leave behind in childhood. Adulthood responsibilities and societal pressures can lead us into unhealthy habits. But what if you could envision a life with a healthier you? Imagine the confidence, the variety in clothing choices, and the comfort in your own skin. Write down at least five personal gains you associate with achieving a healthier body.


Envision Your Active Life

What activities would a healthier you enjoy? Perhaps you'll find yourself confidently posing for photos, engaging in social events more frequently, or picking up a new or long-forgotten hobby. List at least five activities you'd love to pursue with your newfound health.


Deepening Your 'Life-Giving Weight Loss' Approach

With a list of at least ten dreams, identify the top two from each category. Ask yourself, why are these important to you? This introspection is crucial.


Visualising Success

Imagine a scenario a year from now where you're in the best shape of your adult life, discussing your journey with someone close. What steps did you take to get there? Spend some time writing this out – it's the draft blueprint of your 'Life-Giving Weight Loss' journey.


The Mindset Shift

Weight loss is undoubtedly challenging, but when approached as a life-enhancing journey rather than a chore, it can be transformational. It requires a shift in mindset before focusing on diet and exercise. A mature, developed mind is key to achieving your goals.



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