Fat Burning Foods

When you’re on a diet, you need to burn off fat in order to lose weight. Many people choose to do this through exercise, although the biggest effort needs to be made through your diet. You need to eat less than you burn and you can achieve this by eating fat burning foods.

The very idea of fat burning foods sounds really bizarre but it’s perfectly true. Some foods can actually make you burn off more fat, simply by eating them. These foods are also known as metabolism boosting foods and you will be very surprised at which foods and drinks are included in this list.

One of the best metabolism boosting foods is fat. You may think this is a ridiculous statement but your body needs the right sort of fat, in the right quantities. Oily fish and nuts can provide this fat and these will raise your metabolism by getting the fat flowing through your blood. This doesn’t include all nuts but those that are particularly good are walnuts and almonds.

Foods that will burn fat

Most protein rich foods will cause you to burn more fat. Protein is very difficult to digest and your body will use 25% of the calories contained in protein just to digest it. Protein is also good for repairing muscles which are responsible for burning energy. Fibre works in a similar way and requires a lot of energy to move through your digestive system, thus increasing your metabolism. It also removes toxins and moves food out of your body.

Another one of these fat burning foods is a little hotter than fish and nuts. Spicy foods are great for boosting your metabolism and can make even the most bland of diet dishes come alive. You can easily add a few spices here and there to make your meals delicious and very effective for burning fat. You should be careful here though to stay away from too much salt since this is often added to spicy foods. Curries are a good example here and salt is a big NO for dieters!

Perhaps the very best of the fat burning foods is water. According to one study, just 17 fluid ounces of water was able to cause a 30% rise in metabolism. If you are burning 2000 calories a day, this could equate to an extra 600 calories being burned. This could result in more than one pound per week of fat loss, so it’s certainly worth consideration. Water also reduces toxins and provides much needed hydration. Water is essential for absolutely everything in your body and thus you should get your full quota without fail. Eight glasses per day is not a nice little target for you, it’s the minimum required by your body.

Fat burning foods can make a difference to your calorific expenditure, without you even lifting a finger. If you work these in with your meals or as snacks throughout the day then you will keep your metabolism high for a longer period of time and thus burn off more fat.

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

People have tried all kinds of things to lose weight and it’s hardly surprising that some have even turned to hypnotherapy for weight loss. There really is no reason to think that this is as weird as it sounds and weight loss is as much a mental process as it is a physical one. In light of this, hypnotherapy for weight loss would appear more plausible after all. So what can hypnotherapy do to help your weight loss efforts?

Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you to see yourself losing the weight and reaching your targets. This may seem a little impractical, since a mental image has no bearing on reality, yet this can be a good motivation technique. It can focus your mind on the goal and help you see the right path to take. A positive image of where you could be in the future is a great way of raising your spirits and giving yourself the vision and drive to take the first steps on your journey.

Hypnotherapy has long been linked to stress relief and this is often a big part of weight gain in the first place. By reducing stress, you can feel more relaxed about your weight loss and install some of that all too precious virtue – patience. You can only lose one to two pounds a week and thus you will have to be quite patient too see the physical manifestation of your hard work. Comfort eating can also be banished through hypnotherapy for weight loss and clear the path for some more healthy eating habits.

Weight loss is possible and you have to approach this problem with a positive attitude. Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you to think clearly and positively and this is invaluable. We can all lose weight but the key to not giving up is the belief that we will succeed. There is no way somebody will keep up an effort if they think it’s all in vain.

Learning to accept yourself is a very critical part of weight loss. A negative self image and lack of self esteem often results in the individual in question turning to food to solve their emotional problems. This is linked to stress but can be a lot more serious. Serious eating disorders can arise from a negative self image and bulimia or anorexia can both carry more risks than being slightly overweight.

Having your mind clear and tuned towards happiness and good health is the best first step to take on the way to weight loss. Hypnotherapy for weight loss is not ridiculous and your mind is the best asset you can rely on if weight loss is on your mind. Those amongst us in possession of wisdom often say that you must treat the cause and not the result of a problem. This is only too true with weight loss and you need to address your emotions before beginning a difficult process.

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