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Erak Simsson

Erak Simsson

Erak Simsson

Born in Yorkshire, and raised in Huddersfield, Erak was an active child who spent his time chasing around, playing ball games and mainly thinking about playing tennis at Wimbledon which he eventually did. Erak first ventured into a gym at the age of 14 which is where his interest in health and fitness began.

At 19, Erak joined the Army hoping to become a physical training instructor. After 2 years’ service he qualified as an assistant physical training instructor, and he later went on to become a fully qualified member of the now Royal Army Physical Training Corp, a small yet elite group of men and women responsible for the fighting fitness of the British Army.

Whilst serving he gained his BSc (Hons) in sports rehabilitation and exercise which under-pins various other qualifications and training which include:  certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

In 2006 Erak retired from the Army as a Warrant Officer and set up as a weight loss specialist coach and trainer and now runs the highly successful Coach Me Slim & Trim® private gym in Salisbury along with a small team.

The Coach Me Slim & Trim® approach which Erak and he’s team use was created by Erak and is based upon over 10,000 hours of training men and women to achieve their best.

Erak believes that we can all achieve things beyond our personal beliefs; we just need to be shown the possibilities helped to take the first step and then encouraged to keep going and then you’ll begin to see what’s really possible.

For over a decade Erak has been actively involved in training women to take part in various charity events including the annual Race for Life , Midnight Walk and Wear Your Wedding Dress Again, he was also presented with a ‘Max Factor’ award by the former Health Minister John Denham MP for he’s involvement in fundraising whilst a member of a local chamber of commerce in Southampton.

Erak currently lives in Amesbury with his wife Melanie and son Alexander.

Hobbies: Tennis, salsa and reading
Favourite TV shows: Columbo and Faulty Towers