Low Carb Diets

Low carb diets are only too fashionable at the moment and many people seem to think that it’s the carbohydrates in their diet that’s going to make them fat. This is as fallacious as it is daft and potentially dangerous to your health. The best way to lose weight is through a balanced diet, in which contains the carbohydrates that are necessary for your body to function healthily.

Low carb diets will reduce the amount of energy you are consuming every day but you don’t necessarily put on fat by eating carbohydrates. If you eat wholemeal carbohydrates then you can enjoy slow releasing energy throughout the day.

Wholemeal carbohydrates are also much more competent on fibre and will therefore keep you feeling fuller for longer. This latter point and the fact that they release their energy slowly, will result in a longer term metabolism boost – perfect for burning fat.

Low carb diets work because your body will react by producing less insulin. This causes your body to use its fat and muscles to burn for energy. This isn’t always a worthwhile substitution as you really don’t want to be burning away your muscles. Complications that have arisen with this method of dieting are largely centred around this drawback but they are very rare. This is often characterised by feeling tired and having bad breath since your body uses key tones to find energy.

The benefit that comes with this style of diet plan is that you can eat foods rich in fat and protein in abundance. This explains why such diets are so very popular although you must cut out as much carbohydrate as possible. Vegetables form the only exception to this since they are fundamental to your health. Those on low carb diets often consume a lot of vegetables to make up for the starch they lack.

These diets do actually work very well in the short term but their weight loss comes from water and muscle. This means that you will be diminishing the fat burning tools – your muscles, in favour of burning fat. This boils down to low carb diets being very unsuitable for healthy and sustainable fat loss. Having more muscle mass will help you to be constantly burning energy, even when you aren’t doing anything one could describe as active. Most wise heads would recommend building muscle to aid weight loss and low carb diets would seem to be counter productive in the long run.

The main attraction of low carb diets is that they work very quickly. The results will be visible on the scales but you really must avoid burning away your muscles. Low carb diets cause your body to burn muscles which are very dense, especially compared to fat. This explains why your weight can fall so quickly on this diet plan. Low carb diets are not the healthiest option where long term weight loss is concerned and you must stick to a balanced diet like glue.

Weight Loss Plateaus

Many of us can lose weight and keep a lot of it off but there comes a time when our body decides that it’s at its optimum weight and weight loss plateaus seem to make it very difficult for you to lose weight. This is your personal weight loss plateau and you need to smash through this barrier when you come to it. It is different in each of us and some of us will never notice it but others amongst us have to clear this hurdle.

It is generally quite easy to tell when you have hit this metaphorical ceiling. You stop losing weight, you feel more and more hungry and your exercise routine is getting easier for you to complete. This is actually a good sign and would suggest that you’re getting fitter or that your body is becoming comfortable with its new shape and size. The word plateau is a good clue as it would infer that your body finds a place to level out and maintain itself.

Weight loss plateaus can be really frustrating, especially if you feel as though there is still a bit more progress to be made. Thankfully, weight loss plateaus are not as permanent as you may think and there are some ways to get your body to start pushing onwards again.

One way in which you can put any weight loss plateaus firmly behind you, is to increase the intensity of your exercise routine. Performing more repetitions, making it longer, adding some hills or extra resistance will all do the job nicely. You can try shocking your body with some unusual exercises to add an extra challenge. If your body is getting used to things as they are, give it a kick start again and show it some new pain to power through your weight loss plateaus.

Believe it or not, weight loss plateaus can actually be worsened by eating too few calories. If your body feels the need to protect itself from starvation then it will store up some fat for later. If you eat a few more calories then your body will see less need to panic and burn off more fat. Sprinkling a little more protein into your diet will also aid weight loss and make your body feel as though it’s had a very good meal.

Your weight loss plateaus can be avoided if you continue to ramp up the pressure on your body so that you are continuously under new stresses. You should also drink more water as toxins in your body can really hamper your weight loss. You will continue to store more fat if your body contains far too many toxins which can be flushed away with that magical colourless fluid.

Weight loss plateaus are the bane of many dieters’ lives but the good news is that they can be broken. Upping the tempo, adding some protein and perhaps a few more calories will help you reach your weight loss goals and break through the invisible weight loss ceiling.

Aerobic Exercise

The most commonly performed type of exercise is aerobic exercise. This is the one that most people choose to lose weight with and improves your cardiovascular health too. It burns more energy to perform and can raise your metabolism for longer if done in the right way. Aerobic exercise carries many benefits and we should try to incorporate more of them into our exercise routines.

The most common aerobic exercise is running which also plays a part in other sports. It is a constant effort to keep moving your body quickly and is very energy consuming. This is why many people use it to help them lose weight. Running can burn over 600 calories per hour and you must remember this if your goal is not to lose weight. You must also consume water steadily too to avoid dehydration as you can lose in excess of two litres whilst running on a hot day each hour.

Aerobic exercise is very good for your cardiovascular health and just a few workouts per week will make a tremendous difference. Your cardiovascular health is very important and great for avoiding muscle fatigue and tiredness after performing daily tasks such as walking to work.

Another plus point in the aerobic exercise armoury is that it improves the function of your heart and lungs, whilst also lowering blood sugar and fat levels. The point of this is improved heart and lung health which helps avoid nasty conditions that often arise in your later years.

Those that put on the least weight during their middle years are statistically less likely to suffer with health problems when they get older. Aerobic exercise will keep you feeling young and help you fight off diseases too. The ageing process will be much slower if you keep using your body and muscle wastage will also be less prevalent. Your mental state will gain too as aerobic exercise moves oxygen to all parts of your body. Your brain and skin both enjoy having some extra blood and oxygen to play with and some studies link running with a reduced risk of dementia.

As well as running, aerobic exercise has many other forms. Almost all team sports involve some aerobic exercise and are also very enjoyable. You don’t have to pound the pavements alone if you would rather have a kick around with your mates – it all counts. Walking at a quick pace counts as well and can be fitted in on your way to work.

Aerobic exercise is necessary and brings so many health benefits. You needn’t go over the top with it if you don’t want to, but a few sessions a week will refresh your body and improve many different aspects of your health. Aerobic exercise is amazing in what it can achieve from heart health to mental acuity and overcoming sexual health problems. Although we don’t all want to drench our shirt in sweat three times a week, a little exercise to get the heart beating faster is just what the doctor ordered and there is most definitely a sport for everyone – and I’m not thinking about darts here either.

Metabolism Foods

Our level of activity is not the only factor which governs how many calories we burn off each day. What we eat, and even when we eat it, can make a difference in this domain too. If you are snack wise and know what foods to eat, you can burn off that fat in no time without making any big changes to your lifestyle. So what are these metabolism foods and how effective are they?

Firstly, before looking at the metabolism foods, you have to understand that all foods can act in this way. When you eat something, you begin to burn more calories, explaining why you feel warmer after having eaten a meal. Your metabolism can go the other way, however, and you will experience a marked drop if you go longer than three hours without eating something. Snacks can, therefore, make a big difference to your metabolism and so can eating several smaller meals per day.

As far as metabolism foods go, water deserves to be crowned as the champion. Water can boost your metabolism, contains no calories and is incredibly cheap too. A glass of water before and after each meal is just right for your daily requirements. Many people mistake hunger for thirst and thus a glass of water before your meal will stop you going in for seconds.

Another important member of the metabolism foods club is green tea. A nice cup of the herbal stuff will not only provide you with a good level of hydration, it will also give your fat burning a good kick too. Herbal tea is more effective than both normal tea and coffee.

Grapefruit, apples and pears are also amongst the metabolism foods and they keep that doctor away too. They all have many anti-oxidants and are all packed with nutrition. They are low calorie foods and will get you burning more energy. These three would classify as being perfect foods. You can throw broccoli into this mix too, since it is such a great source of calcium. Calcium is responsible for raising your metabolism and thus eating this is a good idea.


Oatmeal is a nice idea as well, since it is both filling and a slow releaser of energy. Releasing energy slowly helps to maintain your metabolism and also prevents you feeling the need for a sneaky little pick me up. All foods that fill you up in this way are great for your metabolism since they contain a lot of fibre. All foods that are high in fibre need a lot of energy to digest and thus keep your metabolism in demand.

Metabolism foods are a great way to keep your metabolism high and can make a huge difference. If you eat several of them each day then you can keep yourself burning fat consistently. They are easy to incorporate and make great snacks too. It’s not cheating either but you really can lose weight by eating more as long as you tuck into these metabolism foods.

Fat Burning Foods

When you’re on a diet, you need to burn off fat in order to lose weight. Many people choose to do this through exercise, although the biggest effort needs to be made through your diet. You need to eat less than you burn and you can achieve this by eating fat burning foods.

The very idea of fat burning foods sounds really bizarre but it’s perfectly true. Some foods can actually make you burn off more fat, simply by eating them. These foods are also known as metabolism boosting foods and you will be very surprised at which foods and drinks are included in this list.

One of the best metabolism boosting foods is fat. You may think this is a ridiculous statement but your body needs the right sort of fat, in the right quantities. Oily fish and nuts can provide this fat and these will raise your metabolism by getting the fat flowing through your blood. This doesn’t include all nuts but those that are particularly good are walnuts and almonds.

Foods that will burn fat

Most protein rich foods will cause you to burn more fat. Protein is very difficult to digest and your body will use 25% of the calories contained in protein just to digest it. Protein is also good for repairing muscles which are responsible for burning energy. Fibre works in a similar way and requires a lot of energy to move through your digestive system, thus increasing your metabolism. It also removes toxins and moves food out of your body.

Another one of these fat burning foods is a little hotter than fish and nuts. Spicy foods are great for boosting your metabolism and can make even the most bland of diet dishes come alive. You can easily add a few spices here and there to make your meals delicious and very effective for burning fat. You should be careful here though to stay away from too much salt since this is often added to spicy foods. Curries are a good example here and salt is a big NO for dieters!

Perhaps the very best of the fat burning foods is water. According to one study, just 17 fluid ounces of water was able to cause a 30% rise in metabolism. If you are burning 2000 calories a day, this could equate to an extra 600 calories being burned. This could result in more than one pound per week of fat loss, so it’s certainly worth consideration. Water also reduces toxins and provides much needed hydration. Water is essential for absolutely everything in your body and thus you should get your full quota without fail. Eight glasses per day is not a nice little target for you, it’s the minimum required by your body.

Fat burning foods can make a difference to your calorific expenditure, without you even lifting a finger. If you work these in with your meals or as snacks throughout the day then you will keep your metabolism high for a longer period of time and thus burn off more fat.

Exercises To Burn Fat

When we say that we’re going to lose weight, what we actually mean is that we are going to lose fat. Fat is the unpleasant substance that makes us look like Mr Blobby when we have too much of it. With the exception of very few cases, there is only one way to remove this fat healthily and that’s to burn it off from the inside. As barbaric as this may seem, ever since the inception of weight loss, people have been burning their excess supplies using fat burning exercises.

When you exercise, you use energy that’s stored in your muscles, bloodstream and as fat in your body. If you need more energy than your blood contains, you will burn fat instead. This is what is meant by fat burning exercises and, as long as you don’t replace the energy by eating too much, you will lose weight through this process.

There are many fat burning exercises but it’s most advantageous to narrow in on just one or two of the more effective ones. As long as you sustain the exercise regularly, then you can use these as part of an effective weight loss programme.

Image of weights and scales

One of the most yielding of the fat loss exercises, in terms of energy burned, is called interval training. This involves a period of sprinting followed by a period of jogging. Often referred to as the rest period, jogging doesn’t allow your pulse to lower very much at all and your heart is forced to keep working hard, thus burning fat. Since you get multiple rest periods, your legs don’t tire out too quickly either, which means you can keep your heart rate frightfully elevated for longer periods of time, whilst employing this exercise. You only really need a good pair of running shoes and a stopwatch for this too which makes it very cheap.

Joining interval training amongst the fat burning exercises is weightlifting. Lifting weights doesn’t burn a lot of energy per se, but then the fat burning benefits are slightly better hidden with this exercise. Lifting weights will help you to build lean body tissue (muscle) which presents a three-pronged attack on your fat. Firstly, if you eat a little too much after lifting weights then you will build muscle with this energy before you store it as fat; bigger muscles need more energy to sustain themselves; and bigger muscles use more energy to move your body than smaller ones. In fact, one pound of muscle requires 50 calories per day just to sustain itself; that equals 700 calories per stone of muscle.

If you are trying to lose weight then I would wholeheartedly suggest that you try some of these fat burning exercises. They can raise your metabolism, give you bigger muscles and put your body in a much more attractive shape. Maybe you’re not an athlete but these fat burning exercises are still relevant and simple to perform too. Just remember to keep it as intense as possible and you will have no problems.

Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss is certainly not an easy task and a few helping hints could go a long way. Here are some weight loss tips to get you on the winning path to success. They show what is effective and what will really work. Just remember to work with your body and stimulate weight loss rather than restricting your body.

The first of these weight loss tips is to drink more water. Water is capable of boosting your metabolism and will also flush out toxins too. This has Many advantages as far as weight loss is concerned, since toxins cause you to store more fat. Water can raise your metabolism by 30% after just a couple of glasses. It is recommended that you aim to drink at least eight glasses of water per day although you must drink more with greater activity. You should drink one cupful for every 15 minutes of exercise, more if it’s hot.

The next of my weight loss tips is to mix in some metabolism boosting foods. By doing this, you will increase the fat you burn, improve your health and make your meals taste a lot more interesting. Spicy foods are great metabolism boosters and can be added to any meal to make an interesting and pleasant change from the monotony of diet food. Rich, vibrant and spicy foods often contain great health benefits too. Herbal tea and coffee are also metabolism boosting, whilst increasing your water intake – just leave out the sugar.

Keeping a diary is also amongst the good weight loss tips and it can work wonders with your motivation. Keeping a track of your thoughts, feelings and weight loss progress will help you to see just how much progress is being made. A photo diary is even better and there are some good online trackers to help monitor your progress. This is a good tip since you can improve your motivation and discover what works for you and what doesn’t bring you success.

As far as weight loss tips go, this has to be one of the most valuable. Never, for as long as you live, get taken in by a fad or diet craze. These are generally a waste of time and money, as well as being completely ineffective. If you are going to lose weight then stick to what Mother Nature intended. No gimmicks or abdominal belts, sweat pants or diet pills are going to supply you with good and natural health.

I hope these weight loss tips will be of good use to you and they are certainly all very easy to put into practice? The real secret is to trust the advice you are given and believe that it will really help you to lose weight. I understand how it can be tempting to run for miles or fast for 40 days and 40 nights, but this will never work and putting these weight loss tips into good use will be so much more effective.

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

People have tried all kinds of things to lose weight and it’s hardly surprising that some have even turned to hypnotherapy for weight loss. There really is no reason to think that this is as weird as it sounds and weight loss is as much a mental process as it is a physical one. In light of this, hypnotherapy for weight loss would appear more plausible after all. So what can hypnotherapy do to help your weight loss efforts?

Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you to see yourself losing the weight and reaching your targets. This may seem a little impractical, since a mental image has no bearing on reality, yet this can be a good motivation technique. It can focus your mind on the goal and help you see the right path to take. A positive image of where you could be in the future is a great way of raising your spirits and giving yourself the vision and drive to take the first steps on your journey.

Hypnotherapy has long been linked to stress relief and this is often a big part of weight gain in the first place. By reducing stress, you can feel more relaxed about your weight loss and install some of that all too precious virtue – patience. You can only lose one to two pounds a week and thus you will have to be quite patient too see the physical manifestation of your hard work. Comfort eating can also be banished through hypnotherapy for weight loss and clear the path for some more healthy eating habits.

Weight loss is possible and you have to approach this problem with a positive attitude. Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you to think clearly and positively and this is invaluable. We can all lose weight but the key to not giving up is the belief that we will succeed. There is no way somebody will keep up an effort if they think it’s all in vain.

Learning to accept yourself is a very critical part of weight loss. A negative self image and lack of self esteem often results in the individual in question turning to food to solve their emotional problems. This is linked to stress but can be a lot more serious. Serious eating disorders can arise from a negative self image and bulimia or anorexia can both carry more risks than being slightly overweight.

Having your mind clear and tuned towards happiness and good health is the best first step to take on the way to weight loss. Hypnotherapy for weight loss is not ridiculous and your mind is the best asset you can rely on if weight loss is on your mind. Those amongst us in possession of wisdom often say that you must treat the cause and not the result of a problem. This is only too true with weight loss and you need to address your emotions before beginning a difficult process.

Exercise Benefits

Exercise Benefits

We all know that we should be doing some kind of exercise as part of our routine but this doesn’t stop many of us neglecting ourselves, even without knowing it. It is recommended that we undertake thirty minutes each day of physical activity and at least an hour of strenuous activity per week. Exercise benefits are innumerable and we can enhance ourselves immensely with just a little activity each week.

One of the main exercise benefits is improved health and immunity: Exercise improves our cardiovascular health, making us able to perform everyday tasks more effectively, and reducing our levels of tiredness after a long day at work. Exercise also makes us stronger and able to carry more weight. This may seem a little odd but having bigger muscles makes chores and carrying the shopping a lot easier. Those with too few muscles often find themselves prone to injury and exhaustion after simple tasks. Those that exercise are also less prone to regular illnesses such as the common cold.

Exercise benefits extend to your brain too and your emotional side as well. Exercising is great for reducing your stress levels and cortisol levels. Exercise improves your mental acuity and releases endorphins as well. Endorphins are your body’s natural painkillers and prevent your nerves sending pain to the brain. Endorphins also promote white blood cell production which explains why exercise is good for your immune system. Those that take regular exercise find their mood more stable and are better placed to cope with stress. A long run is also recommended for appeasing sexual tension, although sex is another good exercise with its own benefits.

Exercise benefits are not even limited to the above either. Your character and mental strength, teamwork and problem solving all improve in leaps and bounds. Getting past the cold, the wind and the rain gives you a sense of strength and achievement; it shows you what you are capable of and boosts your self esteem. Exercise benefits even lunge into your social ability since exercise can be enjoyed with other people whether you’re in a football team or running group.

To gain from these exercise benefits, you don’t need to be a professional athlete and neither do you have to start at a very young age. You can get these benefits from just a walk on your way to work, a bit of jogging or playing for the Sunday league football team. All of these will give you the benefits above, providing your exercise is regular.

I really cannot put a measure on the number of exercise benefits. Let’s just say this number is a big one and I certainly can’t put a value on good health, self esteem and longevity either. If you are not getting enough exercise then you are really missing out. Exercise is an enjoyable experience and certainly not a chore. It’s hard to think that people put exercise in the same category as washing up and vacuuming. I would put it in the same category as socialising and having fun!

Eating Healthy Tips

Eating Healthy Tips

The one big mistake that people make whilst on their diet is their failure to provide themselves with sufficient nutrition. Too many people think that all eating healthy tips lead to some manner of calorie counting and restricting your diet. This is not a good option and these eating healthy tips will set the record straight.

The first of these eating healthy tips is to consume plenty of fruit and vegetables. These are the real super foods which contain many of your body’s required nutrients. You are advised to eat at least five portions per day and they must be different food items too. Five apples will count as one portion, for example. Talking of apples, the old saying really is true and an apple a day will provide you with valuable vitamins, minerals and help your body to remove toxins.

Perhaps the most important of all eating healthy tips is to eat the right quantities of the right foods. This is essentially known as having a balanced diet and this is absolutely crucial. All of the food groups are absolutely necessary and you need them all for optimum health. Contrary to the belief of some, you need carbohydrates in your diet and they do not necessarily make you fat. You cannot eat as much protein as you like either, since your body will remove what it doesn’t need.

Another of the eating healthy tips is to avoid empty calories as much as possible. This refers to food items containing a lot of energy yet very little nutritional content. These are often confectionery items and almost always very high in sugar. High sugar content is very bad and prevents your body from burning fat too. High sugar levels are very damaging to the skin and have been linked to acne.

The next of these eating healthy tips is more of a drinking healthy tip but exceptionally important all the same. You need to drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks. Fizzy drinks are exceptionally bad for your health and contain several servings of sugar. Not only that but it is dissolved in a liquid, making it exceptionally easy to digest. This means that it will enter your bloodstream in next to no time and push your blood sugar levels up considerably. Water is much better for you, as is herbal tea and both of these beverages will serve to reduce your body’s toxin content.

Your body needs food from all of the food groups and you must serve your body with what it requires in order to maintain healthy organ functioning. You really are what you eat and you need to pump in only the healthiest of foods. You can allow yourself the occasional treat but letting junk food form the basis to your diet is a recipe for disaster. I hope these eating healthy tips will help you clean up your diet and enjoy long term health as a result? It’s simple once you get into the routine and healthy food can be delicious too!