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Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss is certainly not an easy task and a few helping hints could go a long way. Here are some weight loss tips to get you on the winning path to success. They show what is effective and what will really work. Just remember to work with your body and stimulate weight loss rather than restricting your body.

The first of these weight loss tips is to drink more water. Water is capable of boosting your metabolism and will also flush out toxins too. This has Many advantages as far as weight loss is concerned, since toxins cause you to store more fat. Water can raise your metabolism by 30% after just a couple of glasses. It is recommended that you aim to drink at least eight glasses of water per day although you must drink more with greater activity. You should drink one cupful for every 15 minutes of exercise, more if it’s hot.

The next of my weight loss tips is to mix in some metabolism boosting foods. By doing this, you will increase the fat you burn, improve your health and make your meals taste a lot more interesting. Spicy foods are great metabolism boosters and can be added to any meal to make an interesting and pleasant change from the monotony of diet food. Rich, vibrant and spicy foods often contain great health benefits too. Herbal tea and coffee are also metabolism boosting, whilst increasing your water intake – just leave out the sugar.

Keeping a diary is also amongst the good weight loss tips and it can work wonders with your motivation. Keeping a track of your thoughts, feelings and weight loss progress will help you to see just how much progress is being made. A photo diary is even better and there are some good online trackers to help monitor your progress. This is a good tip since you can improve your motivation and discover what works for you and what doesn’t bring you success.

As far as weight loss tips go, this has to be one of the most valuable. Never, for as long as you live, get taken in by a fad or diet craze. These are generally a waste of time and money, as well as being completely ineffective. If you are going to lose weight then stick to what Mother Nature intended. No gimmicks or abdominal belts, sweat pants or diet pills are going to supply you with good and natural health.

I hope these weight loss tips will be of good use to you and they are certainly all very easy to put into practice? The real secret is to trust the advice you are given and believe that it will really help you to lose weight. I understand how it can be tempting to run for miles or fast for 40 days and 40 nights, but this will never work and putting these weight loss tips into good use will be so much more effective.

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

People have tried all kinds of things to lose weight and it’s hardly surprising that some have even turned to hypnotherapy for weight loss. There really is no reason to think that this is as weird as it sounds and weight loss is as much a mental process as it is a physical one. In light of this, hypnotherapy for weight loss would appear more plausible after all. So what can hypnotherapy do to help your weight loss efforts?

Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you to see yourself losing the weight and reaching your targets. This may seem a little impractical, since a mental image has no bearing on reality, yet this can be a good motivation technique. It can focus your mind on the goal and help you see the right path to take. A positive image of where you could be in the future is a great way of raising your spirits and giving yourself the vision and drive to take the first steps on your journey.

Hypnotherapy has long been linked to stress relief and this is often a big part of weight gain in the first place. By reducing stress, you can feel more relaxed about your weight loss and install some of that all too precious virtue – patience. You can only lose one to two pounds a week and thus you will have to be quite patient too see the physical manifestation of your hard work. Comfort eating can also be banished through hypnotherapy for weight loss and clear the path for some more healthy eating habits.

Weight loss is possible and you have to approach this problem with a positive attitude. Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you to think clearly and positively and this is invaluable. We can all lose weight but the key to not giving up is the belief that we will succeed. There is no way somebody will keep up an effort if they think it’s all in vain.

Learning to accept yourself is a very critical part of weight loss. A negative self image and lack of self esteem often results in the individual in question turning to food to solve their emotional problems. This is linked to stress but can be a lot more serious. Serious eating disorders can arise from a negative self image and bulimia or anorexia can both carry more risks than being slightly overweight.

Having your mind clear and tuned towards happiness and good health is the best first step to take on the way to weight loss. Hypnotherapy for weight loss is not ridiculous and your mind is the best asset you can rely on if weight loss is on your mind. Those amongst us in possession of wisdom often say that you must treat the cause and not the result of a problem. This is only too true with weight loss and you need to address your emotions before beginning a difficult process.

Exercise Benefits

Exercise Benefits

We all know that we should be doing some kind of exercise as part of our routine but this doesn’t stop many of us neglecting ourselves, even without knowing it. It is recommended that we undertake thirty minutes each day of physical activity and at least an hour of strenuous activity per week. Exercise benefits are innumerable and we can enhance ourselves immensely with just a little activity each week.

One of the main exercise benefits is improved health and immunity: Exercise improves our cardiovascular health, making us able to perform everyday tasks more effectively, and reducing our levels of tiredness after a long day at work. Exercise also makes us stronger and able to carry more weight. This may seem a little odd but having bigger muscles makes chores and carrying the shopping a lot easier. Those with too few muscles often find themselves prone to injury and exhaustion after simple tasks. Those that exercise are also less prone to regular illnesses such as the common cold.

Exercise benefits extend to your brain too and your emotional side as well. Exercising is great for reducing your stress levels and cortisol levels. Exercise improves your mental acuity and releases endorphins as well. Endorphins are your body’s natural painkillers and prevent your nerves sending pain to the brain. Endorphins also promote white blood cell production which explains why exercise is good for your immune system. Those that take regular exercise find their mood more stable and are better placed to cope with stress. A long run is also recommended for appeasing sexual tension, although sex is another good exercise with its own benefits.

Exercise benefits are not even limited to the above either. Your character and mental strength, teamwork and problem solving all improve in leaps and bounds. Getting past the cold, the wind and the rain gives you a sense of strength and achievement; it shows you what you are capable of and boosts your self esteem. Exercise benefits even lunge into your social ability since exercise can be enjoyed with other people whether you’re in a football team or running group.

To gain from these exercise benefits, you don’t need to be a professional athlete and neither do you have to start at a very young age. You can get these benefits from just a walk on your way to work, a bit of jogging or playing for the Sunday league football team. All of these will give you the benefits above, providing your exercise is regular.

I really cannot put a measure on the number of exercise benefits. Let’s just say this number is a big one and I certainly can’t put a value on good health, self esteem and longevity either. If you are not getting enough exercise then you are really missing out. Exercise is an enjoyable experience and certainly not a chore. It’s hard to think that people put exercise in the same category as washing up and vacuuming. I would put it in the same category as socialising and having fun!

Eating Healthy Tips

Eating Healthy Tips

The one big mistake that people make whilst on their diet is their failure to provide themselves with sufficient nutrition. Too many people think that all eating healthy tips lead to some manner of calorie counting and restricting your diet. This is not a good option and these eating healthy tips will set the record straight.

The first of these eating healthy tips is to consume plenty of fruit and vegetables. These are the real super foods which contain many of your body’s required nutrients. You are advised to eat at least five portions per day and they must be different food items too. Five apples will count as one portion, for example. Talking of apples, the old saying really is true and an apple a day will provide you with valuable vitamins, minerals and help your body to remove toxins.

Perhaps the most important of all eating healthy tips is to eat the right quantities of the right foods. This is essentially known as having a balanced diet and this is absolutely crucial. All of the food groups are absolutely necessary and you need them all for optimum health. Contrary to the belief of some, you need carbohydrates in your diet and they do not necessarily make you fat. You cannot eat as much protein as you like either, since your body will remove what it doesn’t need.

Another of the eating healthy tips is to avoid empty calories as much as possible. This refers to food items containing a lot of energy yet very little nutritional content. These are often confectionery items and almost always very high in sugar. High sugar content is very bad and prevents your body from burning fat too. High sugar levels are very damaging to the skin and have been linked to acne.

The next of these eating healthy tips is more of a drinking healthy tip but exceptionally important all the same. You need to drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks. Fizzy drinks are exceptionally bad for your health and contain several servings of sugar. Not only that but it is dissolved in a liquid, making it exceptionally easy to digest. This means that it will enter your bloodstream in next to no time and push your blood sugar levels up considerably. Water is much better for you, as is herbal tea and both of these beverages will serve to reduce your body’s toxin content.

Your body needs food from all of the food groups and you must serve your body with what it requires in order to maintain healthy organ functioning. You really are what you eat and you need to pump in only the healthiest of foods. You can allow yourself the occasional treat but letting junk food form the basis to your diet is a recipe for disaster. I hope these eating healthy tips will help you clean up your diet and enjoy long term health as a result? It’s simple once you get into the routine and healthy food can be delicious too!

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Hormones and Weight Loss

Hormones and Weight Loss

Without doubt the roles that your hormones play in your weight loss are crucial.

In this week’s tip of the week we will explore 3 key hormones which when balanced will enable you to lose weight more consistently and with greater ease.


Diet versus Exercise for Weight Loss


In this week’s tip I’m going to speak about diet versus exercise for weight loss. Which one is actually better? Now if you see a lot of these TV commercials you may be led to believe that exercise is the way to go when it comes to losing weight. I myself have appeared on TV before. You may be familiar with QVC, the shopping channel. I remember appearing on that several years ago now and I was watching a chap called Billy Banks promote a DVD box set series on a thing called Tai-Bo. It was like a form of martial art aerobics and the results, the testimonials that they were talking about, were absolutely phenomenal. I mean people were literally transforming their bodies. I mean, the stories were amazing but here’s the thing; with all of those sorts of products and having sort of seen it from the other side from behind the scenes whether it be a Tai-Bo, whether it be an Insanity programme, whether it be a Zumba, whatever it might be, even a type of box set fitness series where people are saying they’ve had amazing results, you need to understand that all of those things, just about all of those things, come with a pretty comprehensive eating plan as well.

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How To Overcome The Weight Loss Plateau

In this week’s tip I’m going to speak about overcoming the weight loss plateau and that’s a very common thing for a lot of people who are trying to lose weight.  I’m going to give you three tips; rather than just approaching it from a nutritional point of view or exercise I’m going to get you to approach it from three different angles so you have the best possible chance of overcoming that plateau.  We’re going to look at mindset, we’re going to look at nutrition, we’re going to look at exercise as well.

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Carbs – Good or Bad?

Hi there, Erak Simsson here and welcome to the Coach Me Slim & Trim formula, a formula that’s been designed and put together for busy professional women who want to increase their energy levels, confidence levels and for those that it’s appropriate for that want to drop between two and three dress sizes in the next three to six months and get off of the crazy diet treadmill if you find yourself on there.

And in this week’s tip I’m going to speak about carbohydrates. Are they good or are they bad for you and the reality is carbohydrates are neither. I think a better way of looking at carbs is getting an understanding of what carbohydrates actually do to your body.

So I’ve got some notes here to keep myself on track because it is a very big area carbohydrates. There are books and books on carbohydrates so I’m going to cover three specific areas that I believe will help you if your goal is to reduce weight in terms of reducing body fat. I’m going to speak about the amount of carbohydrate you should be aiming to eat per day. I’ll speak about when you should be eating the carbohydrates and then I’ll speak about the effects that carbohydrates have on your body in terms of your hormonal system and I’m going to pick on two particular hormones, lectin and insulin to speak about because I want to keep this video relatively short, punchy, so you get some real takeaway information.

So, first of all then, the amount of carbohydrates you should be eating per day. If you could aim for between 50 and 100 grams of carbohydrate per day that’s going to be absolutely superb in terms of helping your body to remain in a fat burning mode. Now you may be wondering what does 50 to 100 grams of carbohydrate actually look like. Well, the way that I work it out is I keep it very, very simple and I simply say, “One serving of carbohydrate equals 25 grams.” So a slice of bread, I class that as 25 grams. A small serving of rice, I’d class it as 25 grams. A small serving of pasta I would class as 25 grams. A piece of fruit, a banana, I would class as 25 grams.

So that keeps it really simple. Now an apple may be less than 25 grams but I’d rather over-estimate than under-estimate and that just makes it really, really easy for people to understand when I’m speaking to them to sort of describe it like that. So that’s the amount of carbohydrate you’re looking at consuming. When should you be eating carbohydrates? My recommendation would be that you consume all of your carbs up until your evening meal and after that period of time, evening meal going forwards, any snacks you may be having, should really be protein based and vegetables; that sort of combination is what you’re looking for for your evening meals.

Third thing I want to speak about then is the effects of carbohydrates on certain hormones and I mentioned lectin and insulin. So when you have high levels of blood sugar, which is as a result more often than not of you eating lots of simple carbohydrates, the way the body regulates that and actually reduces that level of high blood sugar is to release insulin and you’re probably aware of that anyway. So it would release insulin from the pancreas to remove some of that blood sugar which is what the body is meant to do. And that’s how the body functions – but there is a problem with that when you have consistently high levels of insulin in your system; what that does, it actually blocks that hormone I spoke about, the lectin. Now lectin is a hormone that’s secreted from your fat cells and when it’s secreted its function is to go up to a certain part of the brain called the hypothalamus to tell that part of the brain that, “Look we’ve got lots of fat, we can afford to burn some fat” the hypothalamus says, “Yes fine, agree” sends a message back and it allows your body to burn body fat and I’m making it really simplistic for the purpose of the time I’ve got for this video.

Problem is, when you have high levels of insulin in your system it actually blocks that message of the lectin going to your hypothalamus so the message never gets there, the hypothalamus never says to the fat stores, “You can burn the fat” instead the fat stores just think, “Well we’ve made the phone call, we’ve got no reply back therefore we probably can’t do anything so we’re going to hang onto this fat” and that’s what tends to happen.

So just relating this hormonal effect back to when you should eat your carbohydrates – if you’re not eating the carbohydrates in the evening that means that you are giving yourself from let’s say 6:00 pm, right the way through to let’s say you wake up at 6:00 in the morning, you give yourself a full twelve hours to put your body in the ideal fat burning state and that’s why I’m making those recommendations.

Hopefully you found that information useful. As ever, if you have any questions at all then please feel free to email them into me either by email ( or Facebook and I’ll do my best to put together an answer in the form of a video very much like the one you’re listening to here today. So thanks again for listening and I look forward to speaking to you again next week.

Until next week take care and bye for now.